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Lead Vocals


Eva Wolf
She is ART OF INFINITY’s guest singer and co-writer on the albums "New Horizon", "Dimension Universe" and "Endless Future". Studied ‘Musical’ in New York. She sings the style forming main female parts of the fantasy vocals that are typical for ART OF INFINITY on their first three albums. Eva Wolf works as a choreographer for worldwide major events as well as a dancer and singer.



Ilona Gerulat
ART OF INFINITYs guest singer on the fourth album "Raumwerk". Ilona Gerulat works as a singer in the studio and the live sector and for television. She is a former member of the band Tuesdays and singer in the tribute band Agnetha. 




Guest singer and co-writer on ART OF INFINITY’s album "Endless Future". Alquimia was born in Mexico, where she studied classical piano and voice. Now living in London she has collaborated and performed with many other artists like Ambient-pioneer Roedelius.


Antje Schulz 
Singer of "Cosmic Rain", which is one of the most popular songs by ART OF INFINITY. Antje Schulz is a former member of the heavenly voices group Chandeen and she is part of the band In Strict Confidence.


Julius Lahai

Responsible for the male voice in "Zur Zweiten Welt" from the album "Raumwerk". Julius Lahai was born in Liberia. The lyrics for this track by ART OF INFINITY he wrote in the Vai language from West Africa. Amongst others he won the contest "International Competition for singers and dancers (who's who) in West Africa".



Backing Vocals


Ann Kareen Mainz

Sings the angelic voice on ART OF INFINITY’s first track “Three Days Winter” of the album “New Horizon”. Ann Kareen Mainz performs backing vocals on the albums “Dimension Universe” and “Endless Future” too.


Lenka J

As a singer Lenka J was part of the ART OF INFINITY line up at the Planetarium Bochum concert in 2012.  Lenka J works as a singer both in the live and in the studio sector.

MGV Liederkranz Cleeberg
60-head all-male choir performing background vocals on the song “The Flow Of Time” (Endless Future). MGV Liederkranz Cleeberg, conducted by Matthias Schmidt, was the winner of “Hessischer Chorwettbewerb 2001” in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. In 2005 the choir won gold at the international "Praga Cantat" in Prag/Czech Republic. In 2010 MGV Liederkranz Cleeberg took part in the „Preisträgerkonzert“ at the studio of „Hessischer Rundfunk“ in Frankfurt am Main/Germany.

Bernhard Weiss, Susanne Werth, Oda Reiter, Schrader, Guildo Horn und Gregor Ziegler

Additional choir singers on the longtrack “Drift Upon The Sky” of the album Dimension Universe.



Lead Instrumente


Matthias Krauss

Is a multi-instrumentalist who mainly plays solo keyboard parts as well as guitar and percussion. He graduated in classical studies in piano. His dream-like playing is a style forming element in the sound of ART OF INFINITY. He works as a composer and producer for television and worldwide major events. Matthias Krauss worked with various national and international bands like Scorpions or the Jon Lord Orchestra as well as the Film-Orchester Babelsberg. 


Klaus 'Major' Heuser
'Major' is the former guitarist and songwriter for the well-known German band BAP for 20 years. Today he is part of the band Men in Blues. His awesome guitars on three albums of ART OF INFINITY demonstrate his brilliance as a guitar player. Amongst others he plays the “Gilmour-like” slide guitar on “Drift Upon The Sky” and “Warm Waterfalls” and contributes the guitar to “Zur zweiten Welt” of the new album “Raumwerk.


Stefan Höllering

Is responsible for the characteristic tenor saxophone on the first three albums of ART OF INFINITY. He was student of the legendary musician Emil Mangelsdorff. Stefan Höllering plays saxophone for the ART OF INFINITY side project Deep Imagination too. In addition he plays in the band Las Phiranas Vegetarianas.


Till Kersting

Plays guitar on "Die Zeit" and "Sternenhalle" of the album "Raumwerk". Till Kersting works as als solo artist and studio musician. He performed as a guitar player with international acts like Stefanie Heinzmann.


Thomas Kagermann

Plays the violin on "Glasufo" of the album "Raumwerk". Thomas Kagermann is a freelance artist. He worked together with international artists like the the electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze.  

Franz Holtmann

Franz Holtmann plays the guitar-solo on the tracks "Arena" (Raumwek) and “Utopia” (Endless Future). He is a former member of the German jazz rock band Katamaran. Amongst others he collaborated with Holger Czukay of Can and founded the German band Trinity Xperiment together with Matthias Krauss.



Wieland Reissmann

Plays grand piano on "Traumraum" (Raumwerk) and “The Wide End” of ART OF INFINITY’s second album Endless Future. Wieland Reissmann works as a professor for serious music at the University of Kassel in Germany. He collaborated with artists like Til Brönner, Rammstein and WDR Bigband.



Alex Gunia

The german Jazz-musician plays guitar on ART OF INFINITY’s “Ocean In Space” on the first album "New Horizon". Together with Matthias Krauss he founded the German band Matalex. In addition he collaborated with artists like Nils Petter Molvaer, Billy Cobham and Randy Brecker.


Björn Vogelsang

The musician of the German band Suriya is responsible for the soprano sax on ART OF INFINITY’s “The Wide End” of the album Endless Future.


Marius Goldhammer

Marius Goldhammer plays the fretless bass on “Age Of Changes” (Endless Future). He works as a bass player for many international artists like Gloria Gaynor, Laith Al-Deen or Christina Lux.


Luise Schröter

The German violoncellist Luise Schroeter plays the expressive cello on the longtrack “Utopia” (Endless Future).



Schlagzeug & Percussion


Byron Metcalf

The US-American percussion player plays on the track “Zur zweiten Welt” of the new album “Raumwerk”. Byron Metcalf works as music therapist. He played with musicians like Kenny Rogers or the Ambient pioneer Steve Roach.


Mario Agandona

Amongst others he plays percussion and didgerido on ART OF INFINITY’s longtracks “Utopia” (Endless Future) and “Trimelar Starflight” (Dimension Universe). Mario Argandona worked together with a lot of international act like Deep Purple and the London Symphony Orchestra, the Scorpions or the Jon Lord Orchestra.


Wolf Simon

Wolf Simon plays drums on the ART OF INFINITY songs “The Flow Of Time” and “Warm Waterfalls” and the marching snare on “Utopia”, all of the album Endless Future. Wolf Simon is a highly sought-after session- and live-drummer. He worked with different artists like T.M. Stevens, Therion and Albert Mangelsdorff.


Sibi Siebert

Plays additional drums and percussion on ART OF INFINITY’s “Cosmic Rain and “Supernova” (Dimension Universe) and “The Flow Of Time” (Endless Future). Sibi Siebert has been the drummer of the German band Twelve Drummers Drumming and is currently playing drums in the band Jud’s Gallery.


Daniel Klingen

Responsible for the percussion on “Ocean In Space” of ART OF INFINITY’s first album "New Horizon". Daniel Klingen is currently playing the drums in the German band Klee.