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German electronic band ART OF INFINITY was founded in 1996 by musicians and producers Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch.

In collaboration with different guest musicians and singers they produced four albums, which were released by renowned label BSC Music/Prudence. The fascinating combination of Ambient, Art rock and Pop is ART OF INFINITY’s unmistakable trademark.

Their debut album “New Horizon” was first released in 2000 by London based internetlabel peoplesound. In 2004 ART OF INFINITY signed a contract with BSC Music. After the success of the second album “Dimension Universe” songs like "Cosmic Rain" or "Drift Upon The Sky" were released on international compilations too.

Their 2008 studio album “Endless Future” received high acclaim by the press. A report about the studio works was released on their website. With "The Flow Of Time (Radio Version)" ART OF INFINITY released in 2009 a single for the first time.

The fourth album “Raumwerk” appeared in 2012. This time with german lyrics. A live concert at Planetarium Bochum/Germany followed in autumn 2012. Since then, the members of ART OF INFINITY have been working on other projects and are currently suspending their activities.

The EP "Evolution", released in 2014, contains the long track of the same name from the debut album, divided into four parts.

In 2023 the compilation "Sky Space Bar II" was released with three previously unreleased edits by ART OF INFINITY.