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ART OF INFINITY was founded by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch in 1996.

In collaboration with various guest musicians and singers, the duo produced four albums, which were published via the German label BSC Music/Prudence.

In 2012 the band played a concert at Planetarium Bochum/Germany. Since then, the members of ART OF INFINITY have been working on other projects and are currently suspending their activities.

In 2023 the compilation "Sky Space Bar II" was released with three previously unreleased edits by ART OF INFINITY.

A new video for "Drift Upon The Sky" was released on April 5, 2024 to mark the 20th anniversary of the album debut on Prudence.

  • Die Zeit (Raumwerk)

  • The Flow Of Time (Endless Future)

  • Cosmic Rain (Dimension Universe)

  • Ocean In Space (New Horizon)

Docu from the first and only concert by Art Of Infinity

Video information: On Nov 3rd 2012 German ambient band ART OF INFINITY performed at Planetarium Bochum/Germany.

This 15 minutes long video documentary shows music and pictures from the concert, but also some impressions from the rehearsals at Renaissance Studio Cologne with a look behind the scenes.

With "Cosmic Rain", "Passing The Pulsar", "Glasufo", "Tunnellichter", "The Flow Of Time", "Written In The Sand" and "Die Zeit".

"Drift Upon The Sky - 2024" - The "space opera" by ART OF INFINITY

"Drift Upon The Sky" - The "space opera" by Art Of Infinity appeared in 2004 on their second album "Dimension Universe". Eva Wolf (voc), Matthias Krauss (keys), Klaus Major Heuser (git) and another 8 guest musicians can be heard at the duo's masterpiece.



New video "Drift Upon The Sky" out now. (05.04.2024)

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The song "Endless Future" is played in all airplanes of the Star-Alliance. (10.01.2024)

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Evolution Part 1+2+4 on Prudence-Compilation. (17.11.2023)

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6. solo album by Art Of Infinity founder Thorsten Sudler-Mainz. (19.05.2023)

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Float above the clouds with music from ART OF INFINITY. (24.02.2023)

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New Prudence Compilation (11.02.2023)

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10 years ago today - 03 November 2012. (03.11.2022)


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A Prudence Records Compilation (26.08.2022)

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25 years ART OF INFINITY | 1996 - 2021

In October 1996, Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch travelled to a house on the Dutch coast. In their…

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