ART OF INFINITY studio report

ART OF INFINITY at Renaissance Studio Cologne

"Raumwerk" recording sessions

ART OF INFINITY at the studio in 2011
Thorsten Rentsch during the Raumwerk recording sessions
Thorsten Sudler-Mainz while recording keyboards
ART OF INFINITY while arranging a track
Guest keyboarder Matthias Krauss while recording keyboard overdubs
Thorsten Rentsch during the mix of "Raumwerk"

"Endless Future" studio report

ART OF INFINITY at the studio in 2006
Guest drummer Wolf Simon plays drums on "The Flow Of Time" and "Warm Waterfalls"
Alquimia created lyrics in english an latin for ART OF INFINITY
Stefan Höllering playing his typical sax sound
"Having a break"
Alquimia while talking about the recordings
Thorsten Rentsch and Stefan Höllering checking the last take
Eva Wolf and Thorsten Rentsch while talking about the arrangement
Thorsten Rentsch while recording bass
Thorsten Rentsch while explaining his vision of sound
ART OF INFINITY with Alquimia at he control room
Thorsten Sudler-Mainz while recording
Eva Wolf while singing at the studio
ART OF INFINITY with guest singer Eva Wolf
Guest singer Alquimia came from London for a studio visit
Alquimia and Thorsten Rentsch at the mixing console, together they composed "The Wide End"
Eva Wolf during the "Endless Future" vocals recordings
Guest keyboarder Matthias Krauss
Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Alquimia, together they composed the track "Endless Future"
Thorsten Rentsch playing guitar
Saxophone player Stefan Höllering at the studio
Matthias Krauss at his studio
With Alquimia
Walter Sehrer (Eclipsed, left) and Stephan Schelle (Musikzirkus Magazin, rechts) during the prelistening sessions

ART OF INFINITY at Sound Studio N in Cologne in 2000 during the work on their debut album "New Horizon"