10 years "Dimension Universe"

(April 5th 2014) Celebrating 10 years "Dimension Universe"

Ten years ago, on April 5th 2004, ART OF INFINITY's second album "Dimension Universe" was released by german label BSC Music/Prudence. To sign a contract with BSC Music was a milestone for the german band, which was founded in 1996. "Dimension Universe" is the most sucessful album of ART OF INFINITY. The single "Cosmic Rain" (with singer Antje Schulz), "Passing The Pulsar" (with singer Eva Wolf) and the 14-minutes long space-opera "Drift Upon The Sky" are classics of the band, which were released on international compilations too. 2012 published the musicians with "Raumwerk" their fourth and so far last album recording.

About "Dimension Universe" New Age Reporter magazine from USA wrote:

Is it possible for two men, both named Thorsten, that play virtually the same instruments to meet up in the middle of Europe and form a band that plays Ambient Electronic Space music? Successfully? You bet... Somehow, these two electronic wizards have blended the ultra new and the traditional to form an exciting novel mix of music that takes you on a journey far out in space with only your thoughts and dreams for company. You may never want to return! (RJ Lannan)

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