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ART OF INFINITY | 2008 - 2018 - Ten Years "Endless Future"

Ten Years "Endless Future" (01.11.2018)

In 2008 ART OF INFINITY released their third album "Endless Future". It is perhaps the most demanding work of the duo Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch, on which the progressive idea of Ambient was most consistently implemented.

Influenced by acts like Alan Parsons Project or Pink Floyd, the music on Endless Future spans a varied field from relaxation pop songs (The Flow Of Time, Warm Waterfalls, Endless Future) to dramatically composed spherical sounds with opulent arrangements (Utopia, The Wide End).

Many guest musicians like lead singers Eva Wolf and Alquimia, guitarist Klaus Major Heuser, keyboarder Matthias Krauss, saxophonist Stefan Höllering, drummer Wolf Simon, percussionist Mario Argandona and a 60-piece male choir can be heard on Endless Future. And even 10 years after its release, this master album by ART OF INFINITY sounds classically timeless.


"Endless Future is a beautiful, warm and rewarding album." DPRP, Netherlands)

"It feels like a soundtrack to a widescreen otherworld movie." (Get Ready To Rock, UK)

"Atmospherically and perfectly produced." (, Spain)

"The Flow Of Time" on YouTube:

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Utopia (edit)

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Endless Future: