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"Die Zeit" by ART OF INFINITY at Radio Marabu in the charts

(23.09.2014) "Die Zeit" - Another gem from the album "Raumwerk". Surreal reflections and a trip with an open end. With "Die Zeit" ART OF INFINITY gives a timeless German ambient pop par excellence.

After DJ Lord Litter the song "Die Zeit" discovered, he brought it to Radio Marabu. Since 1984, Radio Marabu is a radio station for alternative music in Germany. Meanwhile the song is on position 13 in the charts of Radio Marabu. The song "Die Zeit" was released on the current album "Raumwerk" (BSC Music/Prudence/Rough Trade).In addition, run "Die Zeit" and other tracks from the album "Raumwerk" currently regularly in the English-speaking radio show "Lord Litter's Magic Music Box".


Radio Marabu: