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Thorsten Sudler-Mainz releases his fourth soloalbum

"Carefully Kept Secrets" by Deep Imagination is out now. (10.03.2017)

The new album "Carefully Kept Secrets" by DEEP IMAGINATION is out now

"Carefully Kept Secrets" is the fourth album of DEEP IMAGINATION, the solo project of Art Of Infinity founder Thorsten Sudler-Mainz.

In terms of content, it is about our dreams, the preservation of secrets and the search for solutions that everyone has to find for himself. Amongst others Ann Kareen Mainz (vocals), G√ľnter Kaufmann (guitars) and US percussionist Byron Metcalf feature as guests.

The result is an ambient production, spiced with Pink Floydian elements and ethereal choir, with which DEEP IMAGINATION takes its sound to a new, complex level. (BSC Music/Prudence)

Video clip "Paradise In Space":