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The ART OF INFINITY concert at the Planetarium Bochum

10 years ago today - 03 November 2012. (03.11.2022)


On Saturday 03 November 2012, the German ambient artists ART OF INFINITY gave their first and so far only live concert under the dome of the Planetarium Bochum.

In the live line-up with singers Eva Wolf and Lenka J, soloists Matthias Krauss (keys, git) and Stefan Höllering (sax), the two masterminds Thorsten Rentsch (keys, git, perc) and Thorsten Sudler-Mainz (keys, voc) played pieces from all four albums released so far.

Since then, the members of ART OF INFINITY have been working on other projects and are currently taking a break from their activities.

Concert reviews, voices and photos:

The 15-minute concert documentary in video: