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"Raumwerk" (Release date November 2nd 2012) is the fourth album by ART OFINFINITY. The two Thorstens colaborate with contributors to their previous albums but have added some new guests again. They created a new concept, this time with German lyrics. So "Raumwerk" sounds different, new and more authentic. At once Raumwerk is influenced by typical ingredients from Ambient, Art rock and Pop.

ART OF INFINITY “Raumwerk” (Press text)

A flying carpet – and you are allowed to join its ride. It carries you through “Space and Time” (“Raum und Zeit”) to distant galaxies. You feel the vastness of space and the depth of sound and you also feel the music.

With their fourth album “Raumwerk” ambient musicians ART OF INFINITY once again welcome you to a fantastic musical journey. They ask about the destination of your dreams and why “The Time” (“Die Zeit”) fades away. They move on and take you with them. Slowly you pass through “The Gate” (“Das Tor”) and enter the glittering “Glasufo” (“UFO made of glass”). You fly to the “Second World” (“Zur zweiten Welt”), melodies become blurred, rhythmic loops emerge from atmospheres.

Then you hear the sounds of a huge grand piano, you awake in the “Dream Room” (“Traumraum”) and continue the journey on rails. “Tunnel Lights” (“Tunnellichter”) come and go like one thousands thoughts. On your trip you encounter an “Electric Man” (“Elektrischer Mann”) and you end up in a movie, that is set in a galactic “Arena”. Through gloomy light you glide into the “Hall of Stars” (“Sternenhalle”). It is the end but also the starting point of the trip. The sweet sound of the guitar vanishes, the journey seems to be over. But only some minutes later the CD stops, you hear the hiss, and in your  mind you still feel the sound of the music – on and on. (BSC Music/Prudence)


Endless Future is ART OF INFINITY’s 3rd album. It was released on September 26th 2008. With Endless Future ART OF INFINITY pushed their magnificent Space Pop to a new artistic level. The CD Album is specially packaged in an 8-panel Digipak.

ART OF INFINITY “Endless Future” (Press text)

Four years after the release of their international breakthrough album „Dimension Universe“ the unique Frankfurt/Cologne music project Art Of Infinity push their magnificent Space Pop on to a new artistic level.

The two masterminds of Art Of Infinity, Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch, have given their complex and highly atmospheric compositions a stronger focus on classical song structures (“The Flow Of Time”, “Endless Future”). By inviting an illustrious cast of guest artists and a 60-head all-male choir they have added some remarkable new facets to the astonishing wealth of their music.

Thus the fans of Art Of Infinity are once again treated with the sensual Worldmusic chants by Eva Wolf, but for the first time also with the voice of Mexican composer Alquimia, who gives the title track “Endless Future” a refreshing exotic touch.
Lyrically the album once again deals with ancient topics and archaic dreams of mankind, cosmic journeys into the future and to magical mystic places. So the combination of electronics, progressive elements, Classical Music and Rock, which is Art Of Infinity’s unmistakable trademark, once again integrates beauty of sound and deep thinking to a fascinating and deeply rewarding experience. (BSC Music/Prudence)


With Dimension Universe, ART OF INFINITY’s second album, the listener is going on an endless journey into space.  The album was released by BSC Music/Prudence on April 5th 2004. In 2006 Dimension Universe was released on iTunes by Sequoia Records/USA. With this work ART OF INFINITY recieved worldwide attention in the music press and won a lot of new fans around the globe.

ART OF INFINITY “Dimension Universe” (Press text)

Four years after their first album “New Horizon”, Art Of Infinity comes out with “their endless journey into space” - a concept album “Dimension Universe”.

Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch this time decided to create things in big, so they invited plenty of excellent musicians that can flaunt with their long acitvity and collaboration references that ranges from Deep Purple to Alan Parsons Project. The two Thorstens colaborate with most of the contributors to their first album but have added guitarist Klaus ‘Major’ Heuser (Bap), even a real drummer (Sibi Siebert, Twelve Drummers Drumming) for the first time, ex-Chandeen-vocalist Antje Schulz and percussionist Mario Argandona (Vocaleros).

The album opens with the short preface piece “All Galaxies Sun”, which sets the tone, accenting instrumentation this time being the dobro and acoustic guitar. “Cosmic Rain” is a more up-beat number (very drum ’n bass) with Antje Schulz providing the main vocals. Rick Wright’s influence is all over “Supernova” but the addition of live drums and an expert guitarist make their mark. The piano and acoustic guitar during the intro of the 14 minutes “Drift Upon The Sky” are crisp and pure in tone, the choir provides an almost Russian flavour, Stefan Höllering’s sax is incisive and the spoken vocals fit the mood of the piece. The final track “Trimelar Starflight” is resplendent with atmospherics throughout the slow build-up but finishes on a high with more acoustic guitar and chant-like female vocals. (BSC Music/Prudence)


New Horizon is ART OF INFINITY’s debut album. It deals with the subject of genesis and evolution. The album was released in 2000 by ATM Records, Cologne/Germany and in 2001 by Peoplesound, London/UK. In 2007 New Horizon was released as download on iTunes by Prudence/Zebralution. Finally in 2009 the album was re-released on CD by Prudence/Rough Trade. Amongst others music of New Horizon was used in documentary films in German television. The album is one of the most successful debut albums in ambient-music.

ART OF INFINITY "New Horizon" (Press text)

The re-release of the amazing debut album of ART OF INFINITY from 2000 on Prudence/Rough Trade in 2009.

From this first album the Ambient-Music-Project from Germany demonstrated its characteristic musical elements such as electronic, chant-like female vocals and real played instruments. Amongst others the album contents the acclaimed songs “Ocean In Space” and “Written In The Sand”, and the 21-minutes long track “Evolution”, an exiting musical trip through the ages.

New Horizon; this is high-class ambient-music at its best. (BSC Music/Prudence)


About "Raum und Zeit (Radio Version)" 

First 'German' single by ART OF INFINITY. Vocals by Thorsten sudler-Mainz and Ilona Gerulat. Release date of "Raum und Zeit (Radio Version)": October 19th 2012.

ART OF INFINITY "Raum und Zeit (Radio Version)" (Press text)

"Raum und Zeit (Radio Version)" is the new single of the German ambient project "Art Of Infinity". On her third single release Art Of Infinity sounds so different but familiar. They are experts in chill pop, this time with German lyrics. And first time the beautiful voice of the new guest singer Ilona Gerulat is heard on "Raum und Zeit". With this single version Art Of Infinity combine the German electro-seventies (Kraftwerk) with current ambient and chill pop (Schiller) and so they are creating their own timeless sound. (BSC Music/Prudence)

About "Cosmic Rain (Radio Version)" 

Cosmic Rain (Radio Version) is ART OF INFINITY’s second single release. Vocals by Antje Schulz. The album version appeared on the album Dimension Universe.

ART OF INFINITY "Cosmic Rain (Radio Version)" (Press text)

With “Cosmic Rain (Radio Version)“ German music group Art Of Infinity internationally release one of their most successful compositions as an official download single. With her magical voice guest singer Antje Schulz takes the listener on a musical trip to a cosmic world, wherefrom the beauty of our planet appears. “Cosmic Rain (Radio Version)“ is timeless Space Pop made in Germany. This is music for people all over the world. (BSC Music/Prudence)

About "The Flow Of Time (Radio Version)"

The Flow Of Time (Radio Version) is ART OF INFINITY’s first single release. Vocals by Eva Wolf, Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and MGV Liederkranz Cleeberg (male choir). The “Radio Version” was made by Jürgen Lusky.

ART OF INFINITY "The Flow Of Time (Radio Version)" (Press text)

With "The Flow Of Time" German ambient music group Art Of Infinity internationally release one of their most demanded download tracks as an official download single in August 2009. The lavishly produced space-pop song, which features singer Eva Wolf backed by a 60 head male choir, is edited here in a radio version. The original album version of "The Flow Of Time" appeared on the critically acclaimed album "Endless Future" in 2008. With the single "The Flow Of Time (Radio Version)" the Cologne based electronic music act now conquers new territory to show, that progressive ambient music can find its place in commercial radio. (BSC Music/Prudence)